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Wedding Cruise Photos – Download Them Now

Posted by Troy On January - 31 - 2011

This is super secret stuff, just for the guests of our wedding cruise only…

I know the new year has begun and EVERYONE is really busy.  But, I wanted to write this post and share it on facebook, because I know some people check that more than e-mail these days!

I wanted to let our guests know first, that we (me and Trudy) are back from the honeymoon and second, I set up a media server on the net and everyone is up-loading their pictures from the wedding cruise to be used in a “3-disk set” that will include movies that use this footage.

You can down-load them now!

Instructions have been sent via e-mail to all our guests on how to share your photos AND also, download from everyone else using the media server I set up.

So, check your e-mail and let me know if, for some reason … you didn’t get the e-mail.  Check your spam folder too!

Below is just a teaser of our photos from the wedding AND honeymoon you can download from the media server right now!  Just check out those e-mails I sent.

While you are downloading the photos, why not also up-load a few of your own?

You can (CLICK TO ENLARGE) the photographs a little.. DOWNLOAD them to be able to enlarge alot..

First, there were things people just didn’t see from the balcony of “The Ruby Suite.”

Keywest Sunrise

Keywest Sunrise from "The Ruby Suite" balcony

Almost everyone was back on-board when these love birds were caught in front of the “love boat.”

Married in front of the Majesty of the Seas

I Christen Thee Love Boat

Hey, did anyone else get love swans on our wedding day?!

Royal Carribian Swan Heart

Aww, You may actually remember the swan heart..

How about breakfast with Coco Cay the next day?

Coco Cay and Breakfast

How about breakfast with Coco Cay the next day?

The day after that was New Years Eve of course..

New Years Intercontenental Orange Drop 2011

Happy new year Intercontinental Miami style Yay!

And, on Jan 1st 2011 our journey through married life began with our honeymoon on the fantastic Norwegian Epic.  You will have to download the photos to glimpse its awesomeness.

side of norwegian epic

Sweet ship..

First stop, St. Marteen..

orient beach st. marteen

Beach day with feet in the sand at Orient Beach

Real pictures of St. Thomas’ Paradise Point from the next day too.  Not a fake one like this!

paradise point guide to st. thomas

Now go download some more and Upload too!!

Don’t forget to share yours too!

STEP by STEP instructions should be in your e-mail inbox!

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